MCH Villagedogs On Dark Side Of The Moon

Villagedogs On Dark Side Of The Moon

Charlie is a daughter of  MBISS MCH Pupukearigde Kela Kai O Villagedogs & BIS MBISS MCH Villagedogs Hot Topic.

About Charlie

Well bodied bitch. Strong type with good outline. Femine head. Well muscled shoulder. Good forechesst and depth of chesst. Short strong loin with slight arch. Tail set on correctly. A tidy ridge. Free active mover.

Morison, Gael (ZA), Judge, RR Specialty 2019, Netherlands

Vital Statistics



Body & DNA

Born  11.08.2015
Mother MCH Pupukearidge Kela Kai O Villagedogs
Father  MCH Villagedogs  Hot Topic
ED 0/0
OCD 0/0
Colour Wheaten, black nose
Height 63 cm
Weight 38 kg
Teeth full scissor bite/full dentition
Thyroid TSH, T4 – correct
Liver gene BB
Dilute DD
DM Non Carrier
JME Non Carrier
Ridge Gene Rr

Champion Titles

  • International C.I.B. Champion
  • Belgian Champion
  • Dutch Champion

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